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 Fixing or replacing a leaky roof or wall will save you a plethora of problems in the long run. A leaky roof is the main cause of wood rot and the degradation of insulation. Wet insulation and rotten wood are ideal breeding grounds for pests and fungus. Pests like ants, aphids and roaches find moist wood environments ideal for mating and dwelling. Pests such as Carpenter Ants find moist wood easier to chew through when constructing tunnels and farming Aphids. Calling pest control will only put a bandaid on your pest problem as poisons will eventually wear off. The underlying cause of many insect pests is moist and rotten wood caused by leaks in your home. As long as there is moisture in your home, pests will always find their way back.

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 A leaky roof can cause serious structural damage to your entire home. When wood gets wet, it expands and as it drys out, it contracts. Continuous expansion and contraction will eventually pull your structure apart. Have you ever seen an old porch practically falling off of a house or a sagging roof with bulging walls? These are just some examples of structural damage that a leaky roof or wall can cause.  

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